How the Flex Belt Compares to the Slender Tone


We had the chance to take a look at two of the ab belts on the market, the slender tone and the flex belt. By no means are these the only ab belts on the market but they are at the premium end and the build quality is a lot better than the products at the cheaper end of the market. First off the slender tone belt has been around for many years and has had some good results for a lot of people. The flex belt is relatively new to the market in comparison.  We have taken a look at some of the other comparisons of the slender tone vs flexbelt and they give a very detailed view, but there are a lot of things they failed to metion and hopefully we can cover those here.The first thing you notice between the two is the price the slender tone is around $50(£33) cheaper than flex belt. In terms of features and functionality they both offer various different programs and intensity levels, although the flexbelt has 150 intensity levels compared to it’s counter part. Although this sounds like a big difference most people that use the belts will rarely get up to the highest intensity levels.

Programing and Setting Up The Belts

Both belts are simple enough to take straight out the box and go. They do come with detailed instructions for both, which you will want to read to find out more about the built in programmes, but if you just want to get started it simple enough to figure out. You should always start on the lower levels and slowly work

you way up to the higher intensity when you feel comfortable to do so.

What Areas Do They Target

They target all the major muscles of the abdominal. There is no need to adjust the belt as they have the pads setup to work abdominal to maximum benefit. You will feel your upper, lower and obliques all contracting in one pulse. Unfortunately these belts only target the abdomen but this is also the area the people struggle with the most when working out.

The guys over at training hardcore have done a good job explaining some of the great features on offer by the flex belt and go in to a little more detail than we have covered here.



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