How To Make Exercising Fun


We all know that at times exercising can feel like hard work and your motivation can be lacking. Most of the handwork is getting yourself motivated to get to the gym or to go for that long run. In this article we look at five practical ways to to keep you motivated and make exercising fun.

1. Pick an Exercise you EnjoyEnjoy working out

All to often I here people say they are of to the gym and when I ask do you enjoy it they say not really but it keeps me fit. That’s great that you take an interest in keeping yourself fit, but if you don’t enjoy what you do then chances are you will not keep it up. The secret is to think about what activities you enjoy. If you like walking go out and doing a couple of miles walking. If you enjoy cycling jump on your bike and clock up some miles.

2. Set Yourself Goals

Setting your self targets or goals can make your exercising more fun and gives it that competitive edge. Try timing how long it takes you to run 3 miles and then on your next training run see if you can beat that time on your next run. If are in the gym try up the amount time you spend on the bike or stepper. Keep changing your goals to make it interesting.

3. Exercise with Friends

Exercising is always more fun and less of a chore if you are doing it with someone else and you can also keep each other motivated. I used to spend a lot of time going to the gym with a friend of mine and there is many a time that I didn’t feel like exercising but having someone there to talk to an interact with made easier and fun.

4. Mix It Up A Bit

If you have been doing the same type of training for a long time why not try mixing it up. It’s human nature to get bored if you do the same thing over and over again. If you normally hit the gym why not grab your swimming trunks ad do a few lengths in the pool.

5. Listen To Music

We all know how listening to music can improve your mood but it can also make exercising fun. Next time you go out for that long run why not load up your favorite tracks on to your mp3 player.

I hope there is something in this article to make your exercise routine more enjoyable and rember if you are enjoying what you are doing you are more likely to stick to it.




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